$1,000,000 Santa Muerte Lucky Golden Spiritual Money Banknote Currency For Good Luck And Economic Protection

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$1,000,000 Santa Muerte Lucky Golden Spiritual Money Banknote Currency For Good Luck And Economic Protection

Santa Muerte Prayer: “My Dearest and most holy Santa Muerte. Thank you for all that you do, have done and go on doing for me. I ask you to please bring light upon my way and that you keep away from me all possible aggressions, obstacles, and limitations, so that I may go on freely progressing towards happiness and prosperity. You are the guardian of all people including  prisoners, runaways, abused and abandoned woman and children. Protect and help me to avoid off negative casualties, traps, lies, and keep unseen danger away. Let me always stand in your divine light. Amen.”

Santa Muerte represents the feminine power of death in that it is a force for positive change, growth, and renewal by reaping and burning the fall fields, the spring planting will be made so much richer. There are a lot of awful things going on in the world today, and many of us just want an end to the pain, suffering and confusion. The death of our fears and suffering in order to plant a new and brighter future is just what we want and is the power that Santa Muerte represents. Help in situations of love difficulties, financial difficulties, health difficulties and much more. 

Ask the Holy Death to help you in your time of need, and she will hear you out and help you. 

Golden money bill attracts money. Hold in your hands and pray. Pray to manifest your financial goals. Pray to focus your intentions on ways to make the money come into your life. Pray to clear your mind of stress so you can relax you mind. When you are feeling clear headed and optimistic more positive opportunities come your way. Keep the money in your wallet or mojo bag. The money can be used in your spells also. Check out our video to see another way to use the golden money to attract prosperity into your life.