Attract Money Ven Dinero Mojo Bag For Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance & Financial Success, ETC.

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Clear any blockages in your career or finances to increase your money-flow. 

Prayer: “Wealth is a mindset and I am now open to living in abundance and prosperity. Money flows easily and joyously into my life even from unexpected sources. As a powerful money magnet, the right people and circumstances are attracted to me that will lead me to greater financial abundance. AMEN.”

Prayer: "Please shower on me an abundance of money from the infinite source on a regular basis. I am ready for money to come to me to better the life of my family.  I am ready to be paid very well doing an exciting and rewarding job. I am ready to win at gambling, casino games, bingo and contest tickets. Every day I find myself getting closer and closer to achieving my financial goals. All my thoughts are focused on good luck. Money come to me from all directions. AMEN."

A mojo bag is a tool that you can fill with magical, lucky, symbolic or other spiritual items to create a “prayer in a bag” or a “spell in a bag”. The mojo bag can be carried with you or placed on your personal alter. 

The contents of each bag is determined by your goal and aim of your prayer or spell. For example, a mojo bag carried for love drawing will contain different ingredients than one for gambling luck or magical protection.Ingredients can include roots, herbs, animal parts, minerals, coins, crystals, good luck tokens, and carved amulets. The more personalized objects are used to add extra power because of their symbolic value.

A mojo bag is not an inanimate talisman, but rather the physical body of a spiritual ally. In short, it is a living thing and as such it should have a name just like you were given a name when you were born. Psychologically speaking, assigning a name to your mojo helps one to facilitate the idea that it is a living thing with it's own personality, habits, needs, desires, etc. Once you choose the name of your mojo bag, use that name when addressing the bag communicating your needs or asking for its assistance.