Black Salt For Protection Keep Away Bad Neighbors & Unwanted People (1oz)

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Keep away bad neighbors and unwanted people. 

Spiritually speaking, salt is considered the great neutralizer. It can help cleanse, heal and balance energy, while repelling negative vibrations. If you are dealing with any kind of negative energy, black magic, ghosts, demons or other evil entities, salt can serve as a mighty spiritual weapon. As salt absorbs psychic energy, it can be used to transfer or transmute a wish or spell to the higher powers by first making the spell, then throwing the salt into the fire where it burns up and in doing so, releases the psychic charge into the higher dimensions. 

The most basic form of this type of spell is to hold a little salt in the hand, make a wish, and then throw the salt into the fire. In the same vein, salt can be thrown into water - a well, a river and into the sea and can be used to carry wishes, or take away burdens, clear attachments from the aura. Besides acting as a potent purifier, salt can also help you attract positive energy. It can even aid you in your manifestations. Use salt to energetically cleanse your home. Simply add a few tablespoons of sea salt to a spray bottle filled with water and mist every area. You can also fill a bowl with salt and place it in a room to absorb negative energy. Worried about entities invading your sleep? Place a little salt at each corner of the bed. 

Want even more protection? Try sprinkling a circle of salt around the bed. Want to clear your aura? Mist yourself with salt water or simply throw salt around you. Have an item that contains some bad vibes? Place it on a bed of salt or a box filled with salt. Want to boost your manifestations? Hold a little salt in your hand, make your wish, and then cast it into a fire or a body of water.

1oz bag.