Blue 50 Hour Prayer Candle For Peace, Wisdom, Success In Court, Legal Matters, ETC.

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Burn our 50 Hour Blue Candle for peace, wisdom and success in court and legal matters.

Let the energy of the blue water cleanse you. Soothing calming color blue. Blue helps you call upon the peace and patience of the element of Water. Blue carries a gentle, but powerful energy. 

Choose a blue candle for spells involving emotional healing, truth and justice. A very spiritual color, blue can help awaken and heal the psychic mind.

Instructions: Light the candle with a match or lighter and say a prayer of your choice. You can put the candle out at anytime or let it burn to the end. Each time you relight the candle say a prayer to reenergize your goals. You can write your name on the glass of the candle to personalize the prayer. Use a black marker and write your name or another persons name on the glass. After the candle has fully burned down you can throw away the glass.

This candle is approximately 3” tall.