Divine Baby Jesus Divino Nino Image Necklace To Alleviate Suffering, Inner Peace & Divine Blessings

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The Divine Child Jesus refers to Jesus Christ from his nativity to age 12. He unites and serves as a peacemaker among the gods and among men. 

Divine Child Prayer #1: “O’ Divine Child Jesus, I come before You, moved by love and by hope. I beg You to look mercifully into my troubled heart. Let your own tender love, always inclined to compassion, mitigate my troubles and alleviate my sufferings. Take from me, if it be your will, all unbearable afflictions. Let me never surrender to despair. Grant me, dear Child Jesus, the special grace I ask from You today in all humility and with a loving trust. For the sake of Your Sacred Childhood, always hear my prayers. Restore my soul to perfect health, fill me with heavenly consolation and blessing. AMEN.”

Divine Child Prayer #2: Divine Child Jesus, I ask in your most sacred and sweet name that you help me on the path of  spiritual peace and material success. May your healing hands rest upon me, flowing into every cell in my body and into the depths of my soul. Cleansing, purifying and restoring to me wellness and strength. Please keep away all the wicked, miserable people who lurk in the shadows seeking to harm me. I look to you, to confuse them and remove them from my life. You, the sublime and generous protector, who opens your heart to all good people. Intercede with all your hearts blood, to liberate me from those who would interrupt my path. Give me strength to resist temptation and live in wellness. Protect me and save me from all harm. I open my mind and heart believing in your infinite power. AMEN.”

Saints are spiritual beings who have been tasked with maintaining this Earth, watching over the affairs of humanity and each has dominion over a portion of nature. Each Saint is identified with natural forces as well as with human interests or endeavors. These Saints are mediators between humanity and the Supreme Being. 

Pray to Saints because they are already in heaven, and they can intercede for you. In moments of anxiety, you need to hope and believe in something that helps you recover faith and maintain peace in your life.

Necklaces can be worn as a rite of passage that helps change a person’s destiny for the better. Think of it as a prescription that should be undertaken by those who have a need for it to heal their lives.  Necklaces in the patterns and colors of Orishas, Saints, and Gods. It is a good idea to wear it to clear the mind of negativity and connect to higher guidance.

Approximately 22" long adjustable to 32" long.