Gypsy Goddess Spirit Doll For Protection, Good Fortune, Connect With Ancestors, ETC. 18 Inches Tall (POLKA DOT DRESS)

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Spirit Doll as friend and familiar. The spirit doll is an ancient being, familiar and beloved to many cultures around the world. 

Our ancestors have been making Spirit Dolls for healing and enchantment for millennia. The magick of these dolls is that they bridge the gap between the seen and unseen and connect us to our ancestors and future descendants across the ages. Spirit dolls are beings that protect the home, draw love and good fortune, aid in divination, and act as recipients for offerings to ancestors and familial spirits. A spirit doll is frequently for display rather than for play and may symbolize or embody an archetype, idea, activity, a spiritual moment, experience, Orisha, Saint, the divine, and so on.

Set your intention and this doll with hold that energy for you. May the doll draw in love, kindness, happiness, and laughter and bring you protection, security, and unexpected blessings.

One of a kind hand made dress. 

Approximately 18 inches tall.