Hex Breaking Aromatic Bush Bath To Remove Curses, End Crossed Conditions, Remove Spells, Get Rid Of Unwanted Spirits, ETC. (Boil Herbs In Water To Prepare)

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Product Overview

Utilize the healing powers of herbs, plants and roots to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit.

Clear away any curses, crossed conditions or spells, which may be upon you.

Break a curse, banish bad luck, get rid of negative energy, end bad habits, send away unwanted spirits, banish unwanted visitor etc. Remove negative energies and evil entities. Break any curse that has been spoken over you. 

Break any negative word that has ever come against you. To remove negative influences, energy or curses of any kind. Used to reverse any harmful spells and serves as a protective shield.

As soon as you start to feel stressed, please talk to yourself with clear, gentle, and encouraging words that will help you intercede in the stress cycle and bring yourself back to calm. Remove the energetic debris to clean up yourself spiritually. Break away from the negative forces that have consumed your life. Make room for an uplifting positive energy to take hold.

Hex Breaking Prayer: “In the name of the great and victorious elements. I invoke the ancient forces. To crush and remove all negative entities, all curses and crosses. Break and dissolve. Bless and set free. As it is now, so mote it be. AMEN.”

Hex Breaking Prayer: ”I break and destroy my enemies evil powers and their works; including the influences of witchcraft, spells, hexes, vexes, voodoo, hoodoo, roots, potions, or any such things off me, my life, my family, my home, my possessions and all future generations. Through the divine holy spirit I also rebuke, bind up and destroy all the spirit-guides, helps, and shields of these workers of evil, and leave them without any strength, stripped of their evil powers and influence. I bind and terminate the influence and power of all spirits from the netherworld, evil spirits between, over and around those praying and those prayed for, and all evil and familiar spirits are completely bound, and forbidden to manifest. AMEN.”

Instructions: Boil the plants on the stove in a large pot of water. Then let the mixture cool down before straining the liquid. As you wash your body in the shower pray and clear your mind. Use the moment to connect to your inner source of personal power.

Cont. 1 1/2oz.

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For External Use Only