Just Judge Justo Judge 7 Day Prayer Candle For Justice & Success (Red)

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Just Judge or Justo Juez is the unexpected name often applied to an image that depicts in a symbolic manner the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. His aid is sought in legal matters and court cases.

The Just Judge is the manifestation of Jesus Christ as the ultimate judge who is fair in all matters of justice, because he himself was unfairly judged. He is often called upon in Latin American Catholic folk magical practices. When situations are dire it is believed that Just Judge can be called upon to turn things around. Just as Jesus conquered death and rises to be the judge of all mankind so too does the Just Judge conquer all unjust situations and judge fairly those who petition him. Additionally, as Jesus judged the thieves who were crucified alongside Himself, he can judge the true hearts of all, and may pardon those who are technically guilty of law-breaking but whose hearts are good.

The iconography of the Just Judge includes the rooster which crowed three times as Saint Peter denied his affiliation with Jesus, the sun which darkened at his death, the cloth with which Saint Veronica wiped the face of Jesus as he carried the cross to Golgotha "the place of skulls." Also visible are the bag of 30 silver shekels paid to Judas Iscariot for his betrayal, and the tools of the crucifixion or instruments of the Passion, including the scourge, ladder, pitcher of vinegar and gall, vinegar sop, lance, sword, hammer, and the gaming lots cast for Jesus' clothing after his death. The snake and apple on the ground refer to the Christian belief that Golgotha, where Jesus died to save mankind from sin was also the burial place of Adam, the first man, who, according to Jewish theology, committed mankind's first sin when he ate a forbidden apple proffered to him by a serpent.

Just Judge Prayer: “Most Holy Judge, Son of Saint Mary, do not let my body be harmed or my blood be spilled. The hands of my Lord support me wherever I go. Let not my enemies see me, nor their weapons hurt me, nor their injustices imprison me. May the robe that coveted our Lord Jesus Christ, cover my body so that I will never be injured, fatally wounded, or humiliated by public imprisonment; by the intercession of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.”

Saints are spiritual beings who have been tasked with maintaining this Earth, watching over the affairs of humanity and each has dominion over a portion of nature. Each Saint is identified with natural forces as well as with human interests or endeavors. These Saints are mediators between humanity and the Supreme Being. 

Pray to Saints because they are already in heaven, and they can intercede for you. In moments of anxiety, you need to hope and believe in something that helps you recover faith and maintain peace in your life.

A prayer is said before the candle as it burns. When the candle is first lit this prayer is to ask for what you desire or what help is needed in your life. Lighting a prayer candle as a way to leave the old behind and begin a new life just as if you were born again, the sense being akin to the resurrection and it leaves your sins behind you, giving a new aspect and a new look into your life, without being burdened by your old sins and you old mistakes.

Prayer is the master key. Prayer is the key to all earthy problems. Praying is more than just mere words, it myst come from deep within you, from you very soul. The exercise of prayer requires tranquility and peace of mind. The essence of prayer is faith, it is your motive power that comes from within you and its movement must be directed upwards to where all earthy favors come from.

Anyone can make their prayers come true. This is as sure as the rise of tomorrow’s sun. If you knew how you would feel if your prayer were answered, and if you could realize, consciously, just how you could awaken such a feeling in yourself, you will travel a long way toward learning how to make your dreams come true. Imagination is the beginning of creation. You must imagine what you desire and believe it to be true. True prayer can come only from within yourself.           

Instructions: Light the candle with a match or lighter and say a prayer of your choice. You can put the candle out at anytime or let it burn to the end. Each time you relight the candle say a prayer to reenergize your goals. You can write your name on the glass of the candle to personalize the prayer. Use a black marker and write your name or another persons name on the candle. After the candle has fully burned down you can throw away the glass. 

This candle is approximately 8” tall and weights 1 LB 4 OZ