Orisha Oya Warrior Goddess Of Winds & Lightning Storms The Cemetery Queen Spirit Doll For Personal Transformation, Kindness, Happiness, Protection & Unexpected Blessings (Multicolor Skirt) (11 Inches Tall)

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Spirit Doll as friend and familiar. The spirit doll is an ancient being, familiar and beloved to many cultures around the world. 

Our ancestors have been making Spirit Dolls for healing and enchantment for millennia. The magick of these dolls is that they bridge the gap between the seen and unseen and connect us to our ancestors and future descendants across the ages.

Spirit dolls are beings that protect the home, draw love and good fortune, aid in divination, and act as recipients for offerings to ancestors and familial spirits. 

A spirit doll is frequently for display rather than for play and may symbolize or embody an archetype, idea, activity, a spiritual moment, experience, Orisha, Saint, the divine, and so on.

Set your intention and this doll with hold that energy for you. May the doll draw in love, kindness, happiness, and laughter and bring you protection, security, and unexpected blessings.

Oya is a fierce female warrior and the Orisha of change. It is she who assists us with rapid inner and outer transformation. Oya took the secret of slinging lightning from Chango. She fights with machetes and scares away death with her horsetail fly wisk. She is the owner of the cemetery gates and resides in the marketplace. She is depicted as a powerful warrior woman wearing a skirt of nine different colors. Oya’s colors are brown, dark red, and multi colors. Her number is 9.

Oya Prayer: “Oya please guide and protect me. Open the doors of opportunity by removing obstacles from my path. Give me courage to overcome my problems and defeat my enemies. Bring justice and balance to my life by bestowing your wisdom upon me. With your powers please give me the strength to fight and win my daily battles. I am ready for your winds of change that bring prosperity to my realm. Amen.”

One of a kind. Each Spirit Doll we carry is one of a kind. Only one made. 

Approximately 11 inches tall.