Song Of India Temple Incense Cones It Is Like Heaven For Spiritual Uplift

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Song of India Temple Incense fills your home with the most beautiful fragrance you can imagine. With its exotic and alluring fragrance, described as the "fragrance of Temples in India”. India Temple is an incense you will keep coming back for more. This all exquisite incense is prepared with fine sandalwood powder, aromatic roots, resins and herbs with natural flower oils. 

Incense cones are conical shaped masses of hardened incense. Like stick incense, incense cones come in numerous varieties based on the diverse combination of ingredients. Incense cones give off pungent aromatic fragrances used to enhance the scent of a room in general or during meditation and yoga practice. Cone incense is crafted from a mixture of powder and essential oils, giving it a rich texture and scent. Burning incense cones gives a room a rich aroma.

Burning incense is great for anyone struggling with stress, tension, or anxiety because of the relaxing effect it has. As a result of the calming effect of incense, it can be helpful in relieving built up tension in the muscles as well as in reliving stress and anxiety. The smooth aroma of incense affects the brain activities and stimulates various brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine which are the main causes of happiness, relaxation, and many more positive feelings. 

Instructions: Place an incense cone in a heat resistant incense holder. Light the tip of the incense. Allow the flame to catch. Gently blow the flame out. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Establish the spiritual link within yourself of awareness, inner peace, and positive transformation. 

25 incense cones w/ metal holder.