7 Males Siete Machos Locion Cologne Urania For Love, Desires, Success, Good Luck, ETC. (3.72 oz)

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The Siete Macho's divine aroma is used for spiritual and emotional guidance. It is also used to block, send back and reverse negative energy, evil eye, hexes and curses. It can also be used to attract love, abundance, prosperity, good luck, and strength. 

The label shows 7 horned billy goats, known for their powerful sexuality and their strong odor and the way in which their scent attracts the females. Wear to get the person you want, the love you want and the sexual relationship you want. 

Crafted from a variety of flowers and natural extracts, the Siete Machos Cologne is used for spiritual and emotional help and guidance. It is also used to block, send back, reverse negative energy such as bad luck, and attract love. Abundance, prosperity, good luck, strength, and power to achieve goals. 

The scent is a light musk and very pleasant and allegedly has the Power of 7 horned buck goats. These are powerful products designed to help you find success, good luck & to fulfill all your desires.

Apply the fragrance all over the body rubbing gently up and down eliminating bad influence. Follow with a second application but rubbing from bottom to top for better protection and good vibes.

You can also sprinkle some around the entrance and in the halls of your business, home or shop. For better protection. 

Wear as a body splash, or in washes, etc.  Magickal uses are alleged to bring good luck and attract wealth/abundance, and to break, block and return curses and hexes. It's also used to focus spiritual awareness and to aid in asking for guidance.

3.72 oz bottle