Powerful Anaisa Pye Saint Anne Santa Anaisa Patron Saint Of Family Herb Bath Aromatic Bush Bath For Love, Peace At Home, Family Bonding & Happiness (Boil Herbs In Water To Prepare)

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Utilize the healing powers of herbs, plants and roots to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit.

In Dominican voodoo there is a very popular Loa called Anaisa Pye, considered the patron saint of family love, money and happiness. In addition Anaisa Pye is identified as a mature, beautiful and blonde woman who likes to decorate, wear perfume and dance. In other words, she is cheerful and flirtatious, enjoys parties, jewelry and makeup. 

Anaisa Pyé is among the most beloved of the spirits of the 21 Divisions a beautiful, laughing, joyous, flirtatious spirit of love. She is often considered extremely flirtatious, generous, and playful by her devotees. She, as well as other worshipers, are concerned for other female loas, as they consider themselves able to provide for anything a person could request.

Among Dominican Roman Catholic believers, she is syncretized with Saint Anne. Her altars are often decorated with pictures and statues of Saint Anne and the child Mary. She is said to work very well with Belie Belcan, another popular loa who is associated with Saint Michael the Archangel. Icons of Saint Anne are generally placed next to icons of Saint Michael in Vodou households and temples.

Her feast day is celebrated on 26 July. Her favorite colors are yellow and pink.

Anaisa Love Prayer: “Great spirit of love, my heart is pure and my intentions are clear. I ask for your guidance and your help in finding my soul mate, my most perfect partner. I seek a partner who enhances me by his/her very being. Who brings more love, joy, peace and prosperity to my life. Who I can love fully and who can fully receive my love. Who loves, honors and cherishes me completely and always. May I know love when my true love comes to me. May I let love in. May I be wiling to allow my soul to know the truth. May my heart be open and my head be clear. My life is ready to welcome true romantic love. AMEN.”

Peaceful Home Prayer: “Peace come to me, and peace come to my house. May this home be a place of happiness and health, of contentment, generosity, and hope. A home of creativity and kindness. May those who visit and those who live here know only blessing and peace. AMEN.” 

Saints are spiritual beings who have been tasked with maintaining this Earth, watching over the affairs of humanity and each has dominion over a portion of nature. Each Saint is identified with natural forces as well as with human interests or endeavors. These Saints are mediators between humanity and the Supreme Being. 

Pray to Saints because they are already in heaven, and they can intercede for you. In moments of anxiety, you need to hope and believe in something that helps you recover faith and maintain peace in your life.

Instructions: Boil the plants on the stove in a large pot of water. Then let the mixture cool down before straining the liquid. As you wash your body in the shower pray and clear your mind. Use the moment to connect to your inner source of personal power.

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